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Vinlian IT Consultancy Ltd

Vinlian IT Consultancy Ltd is a Nigeria-based web design, development and online marketing company that also offer other associated services like graphic and logo design services, car tracking services, solar engineering, Job Portal Development, and CCTV supply, installation, and maintenance. We are experts in creating websites that are user- friendly, simple and attractive and yet adequate for complex professional business purposes. For these reasons, we are quite distinguished in the field of information technology consultancy and its associated services such as website design, online marketing and promotional services. We have a proven track record of developing highly successful websites for a wide range of clients from all over the globe including other African countries.

The provision of our services is based on a diverse platform of technologies which includes WordPress, PHP, Joomla, Zend, MySQL, MS SQL, C+, and Magento. Our web design team is highly professional and focused on functionality of websites with due consideration to clients’ peculiar requirements. We create efficient systems for web content management for our clients, duly considering their requirements. We are mindful of cost and benefit implications while designing websites for our clients because customer satisfaction is our watch word. We are known for integrity and reliability.

Other services from the staple of Vinlian includes CCTV installation and services, Vinlian car tracking services, Vinlian Solar Engineering, Vinlian Mobile Applications, and Vinlian Job Portal Development.

Also, we are into repairs and maintenance of mobile phones of all types such as Nokia, Blackberry, Android phones, Windows phones and others. We also repair laptops, tablets, iPads, iPhones, and so on. Sales of equipment such as CCTV cameras, solar panels, car tracking devices, and other Hi-tech devices is part of what we do.


We will interact with you to find your needs

We shall create a unique concept for you

We shall structure the concept to satisfy your needs

We shall factor in your opinions every step of the way

We shall develop your website

Our Process Is Proven. See Our Client Successes

Why choose us?

We know there are others but you will find us unique in several respects:
We see every job as unique and deserving of a special touch because we value your satisfaction.

Quality Control: We work to current global best standards, making full proof of any issues until you are satisfied. Our quality control department has a mandate to work through our comprehensive quality control checklist until stringent quality standards are met in product delivery.

Data integrity: We understand the importance of data security in design and confidentiality; hence every necessary effort is made to ensure that we enter into non-disclosure contracts with our clients as well as providing fool proof security features in our web site design.

Conciseness:Our strength lies in focus. We know what we are good at and concentrate in being the best in that regard. We are not an organization of many trades or one working to keep up with any other. We are unique and we are the best in our field.

Personnel:We do not compromise standards in staff selection and training. Therefore, we always go for the very best available in the market.

Knowledge Base: We have experts in all fields of IT solutions and therefore a power house in web site design and IT solution making us to deliver flawless results consistently.

Plainness:We are very plain in dealing with our clients and we will be the first to admit to you if we are not into a certain field you may require services without being abashed.

Transparency: We understand that the bottom line of business is to make money so our relationship is based on mutual benefit without any form of grey dealings.

Adaptability: We are not rigid but flexible to accommodate your changing needs and circumstances without compromising quality.

Partnership: We would rather work with you as partners than as mere service providers because this synergy will be mutually beneficial.

Adoption and Adaptation of Technologies: We are open to adopting and/or adapting any new technology provided it will meet your needs and enhance your business. If you know any new technologies that could be adapted to your project, you tell us about it and leave the rest to us.

Support: Our backup services is motivated by an intense desire to see you succeed and be at the cutting edge of your line of business. Our backup support services is therefore fervent and even fanatical.

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