At Vinlian.com, we look forward to serving you by offering quality website design and associated services that are highly in demand. The following frequently asked questions (FAQs) will help you understand our operations better and while we are not a hard sell company, we still feel it is necessary and that you stand to gain more by having some unusual questions commonly asked by some of our clients answered professionally through this medium.

What do I stand to gain by building a website for my business or organisation?

There are several reasons why you should build a website for your business or organisation and a few of the key reasons include the following:
1. While your brick and mortar business may have gained many clients, a website will help you gain many more that might not have been possible without the means to reach millions through the Internet.
2. With your website in place, millions of potential customers can view your products or services or whatever you have on offer from wherever they are including the comfort of their homes.
3. Irrespective of your type of business, you can always grow it through the Internet and make more money in the process because a website is about the least expensive way of making your business known to millions of potential customers.
4. A good website will help you build a strong brand identity which is always required to sustain the growth and profitability of a business.

What does it cost to build a good website?

To understand what it might cost to build a good website for you, it is necessary to first consider what a bad website could do to your business or organisation. A poorly built website can compromise your brand. For example, a website with bad graphic design or broken linksor a website where images take eternity to load might give a wrong impression about your company to your online visitors. Since a first impression, they say, last longer, it is good to start out online with a good website. At Vinlian.com, we do know that our clients have different needs and, therefore, the cost of building a website with us depends on the size and scale of your project. All in all, we offer our services at a price that is affordable to our customers which is why they keep coming back to us for repeat businesses.

Where do I start if I want to build a website?

Request a quote from us by email or a phone call and we will discuss with you on phone or by email to find out about your business and identify your exact requirements. Once we obtain the needed information about your website needs, we will give you a quote and once we reach an agreement, we might request a deposit and afterward start building your website.

Can I make input while you are building my website?

Yes, absolutely! Once we complete the design of the landing page of your website, we will upload it on our webserver and give you a link so you could assess it and make your input if you so desire. Once we obtain your approval at this stage, we will proceed to complete the remaining pages of your website.

Who provides the contents for all the pages of my website?

If you choose to provide the contents for your websites, it is all good by us. However, if you choose to ask us to provide the contents, which might be the best if you are looking to have search engine optimised website contents, we will bill you for the contents separately and hire one of our professional writers to deliver quality contents for the pages of your website.

Will I retain the ownership of my website source code?

Yes, absolutely! You will keep your source code and we assure you of complete secrecy about the details of your source code.

Can I use my website to sell my products and services on the Internet?

Yes, you could but in most cases, we will have to design an ecommerce or a shopping cart website for you so that your customers will also be able to pay you for your products or services through your website.

Can you redesign my existing website to make it functional?

It is never too late to redesign an existing website to improve your online branding and add value to your business. Contact us and we will examine your existing website and provide you with a quote.

Does Vinlian.com offer consulting services?

Yes, we are professionally qualified IT consultants and you may refer to our Services page for a full description of our services.

Do you provide other services beside web design? If yes, what are these additional services?

Our areas of business interests are classified as follows:
1. Website design professionally built websites using WordPress, PHP, Joomla, and Mangento platform of technologies
2. Creation of online stores with Open Source technologies
3. Online marketing and branding services
4. Promotional services
5. CCTV supply, installation, and maintenance services
6. Vinlian car tracking services
7. Vinlian Solar Engineering
8. Vinlian Mobile Applications,
9. Vinlian Job Portal Development.
10. General contracts in IT supply and services

Why choose Vinlian.com for your website promotion project?

We at Vinlian.com are honest professionals. We strive to help our customers see SEO in action as their websites gain momentum in search engine rankings. Our experience and research into the criteria and algorithm that improves search engine ranking is what you can tap from if you are looking to gain a competitive advantage in promoting your website over your competitors. We at Vinlian.com have the capacity, the skill and the experience to take your website to the top of Google search engine using ethical SEO techniques that Google and other search engines like. We offer a guarantee to our customers on our SEO services and these services are very affordable.

If you have any further queries, we look forward to answering those questions. Think of the difference between day and night and you might see the difference between professionally built websites and our SEO services and the websites designed by amateurs or by a friend or relative that claims they can make websites

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