We provide vehicle tracking services using the latest security technologies such as Advanced GPS tracking, Fleetrak monitor etc. These technologies provide near-perfect fool proof protection against the incidence or probability of car or vehicle theft. Our Advanced GPS vehicle tracking system enables you to have a 24/7 surveillance of your vehicle whereabouts and the Fleetrak Monitor empowers you to shut down your vehicle at any time by the push of a remote control button.

You never have any need to fret because our recovery department is ever ready to recover your vehicle and bring it to your door step at any time.

Our comprehensive car security systems have the following features:

Real Time Tracking
Thus enabling you to know details of your car whereabouts from your digital devices.
Diagnostic Reports
Fleetrak enables you to have vehicle logs including a host of current information about your vehicle’s movement and condition.
Alert system
FleeTrak enables the car owner to be alerted as to breach of user defined rules such reckless driving or excessive speeding.
Enhanced Productivity
With better knowledge of your car’s movements you can manage your movements better through better estimates of departure and arrival times. It also helps you to provide better guidance to your driver while navigating unfamiliar routes.
Better Driver Behaviour
The fact that whoever drives your car is aware that he is being constantly monitored creates better driving habits and gives you a greater control over your asset thereby limiting the potential for loss due to careless and irresponsible driving.