Vinlian Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps enable quality interaction. Entitle a Mobile App with Vinlian IT Consultancy Ltd, a house hold name in web design, development and applications in Nigeria!

Our software development is well planned with adroit skills using the latest technologies and ensuring cognitive mobile applications with real smart features. We are known for pushing the existing boundaries further up in the development of smart features in mobile apps by using innovative programming and state-of-the-art techniques and technologies.

Vinlian IT Consultancy Services is at the fore front of mobile web site development in the country and is highly regarded and desired because our designs are focused on the user and make use of unique innovations. We manufacture to global standards; our products are the results of spontaneous ingenuity and they are interactive. We assist our users by ensuring accessibility of the product from anywhere on the planet. Engaging clients through mobile apps is the modern trend!

With Vinlian IT Consultancy Services Ltd you really go mobile! We develop mobile apps that run on a variety of devices such as mobile cell phones and tablets. Whatever be the requirements of your marketing team Vinlian IT Consultancy Services Ltd is able to satisfy you. Our strength lies in developing state-of-the-art, dynamic and user-friendly mobile applications.

We develop mobile applications that enable customers to boost their productivity along with demand trends from the frontend and the backend. Our mobile apps are designed with powerful tools such as CRM systems; send push notifications, user stats, strong management panel and many more. All our designs are compatible with various screen sizes and resolutions. Our apps are top notch in performance and they are uniquely designed.

Our mobile apps development team makes use of appropriate technologies for the different devices in the market such as xcode for iPad/iPhone, JAVA for android, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows etc.

In-app sales that go with free or paid applications. We are into deployment of media hosting to Amazon web services by utilizing Heroku/ Rackspace and other tools for building solutions that are amazingly productive.

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