4 Reasons Why Every Restaurant Should Have a Website and an Online Ordering System

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Today, there are more ways to dine out than ever. Thanks to the Internet, there are more fast-casual and quick service restaurants opening every day. As the online ordering trend continues to grow, it’s essential for restaurant owners and managers to have a website and an online ordering system that is user-friendly, reliable, and secure. Here are four reasons why every restaurant should have a website and an online ordering system:

People Prefer to Order Food From Home

According to a survey, 68% of customers prefer to order food for delivery or takeout rather than eat at a restaurant. It’s likely that the percentage is even higher today. Why would customers choose this option? Well, customers have many reasons for ordering from home, but it’s likely that they do so because they prefer to order when they want and how they want. Home customers can spend their time how they want and even order what they want when they want it. Plus, there are the costs of eating out versus eating at home to consider. The average cost of eating at a fast casual restaurant is $19 per person, while the cost of eating at home is $9 per person.

Websites Are Great for Marketing

If you don’t have a website, you should ask yourself why not. A website is essential for every business, but especially for restaurants that may not have a storefront. Websites are great for marketing, giving potential customers information about your business and menu. Plus, it’s likely that your customers will use search engines to find your business. If your website is not optimized for the search engines, you might miss out on potential customers. A good website will also have a built-in ordering system that enables customers to order food from their computer, tablet, or smartphone. The ordering system may also allow customers to view your menu and view the restaurant’s location and hours.

Websites and Online Ordering Help Track Customer Data

A good website and online ordering system will help you track customer data. If you want to know what times you are busiest and what times you need to staff the most, you can see that information on your computer system. Plus, you can see if there are any customers who frequently order the same thing over and over again. If a customer is also using the online system, you can connect the online order to the customer’s name and address. This way, you can send special offers and coupons to your customers’ homes.

Websites and Online Ordering Increase Customer Convenience

Customers appreciate restaurants that offer online ordering, especially if the restaurant is busy. A busy restaurant means the customers’ wait times are longer, and they may not want to wait for their food. Customers can order from their computer, tablet, or smartphone and have the food delivered to their home or office. Many customers also appreciate the ability to order from their computer, tablet, or smartphone. This gives them the flexibility to order when and where they want. Plus, customers do not have to worry about ordering incorrectly when they are ordering from their computer. They can correct any mistakes before they submit their order.

In-House Ordering Software Maintains Restaurant Quality Controls

If you decide to use an online ordering software, you will want to choose an in-house ordering software. An in-house ordering software allows you to maintain quality controls within your own kitchen. This means that the ordering system is connected to the point-of-sale system. Customers can place their orders on the system, and you can put those orders into the point-of-sale system. This maintains quality controls within your kitchen. Plus, many online ordering systems allow customers to pay online as well. You can accept online payments and put the money into your business account or put the money into your owner’s account.


A website and online ordering system is essential for every restaurant in the modern world. Restaurants that offer online ordering and a website have an advantage over restaurants that don’t. A website and online ordering system is great for marketing, gives customers convenience, and allows owners to track customer data. Plus, an online ordering system helps maintain restaurant quality controls.

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