Let Me Create and Manage Your Google Ads Campaigns for Results


  • Expert Google Ads campaign management
  • Targeted PPC strategies
  • Increasing traffic and lowering costs
  • Boosting ROI for your business
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Looking to boost your business with Google Ads but don’t have the expertise? Hire me to setup and optimize Pay Per Click campaigns tailored to your goals.

Services I Offer:

In-depth competitor research
Landing page analysis and optimization
Long-tail, high-converting keyword targeting
Search, Display, Shopping, Video, and Remarketing ads
Demographic and geographic targeting options
Ad scheduling, bidding, and budget strategies
Regular performance reports and optimization

You Get:

Cost-effective, high-quality traffic
Lower cost-per-click and higher ROI
Higher ad rank, click-through rate
Brand awareness and conversions
Ongoing campaign management and support

My Google Ads skills and experience deliver results. Let’s connect to discuss how PPC can grow your business today!

To get started, the seller needs:

Google Login Access

You need to share your Google Ads customer ID (which appears in the top right corner of the Google Ads account),

Type of Service: Creation & Customizatio