Why Every Coffee Shop Needs to Have a Website and an Online Order System

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In a world where almost every business is online and accessible from a smartphone, it’t surprising that so many coffee shops don’t have their own website or online ordering system. The digital world has opened up new opportunities for businesses of all kinds, and the impact on the coffee shop industry has been particularly profound. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at why every coffee shop needs to have a website and an online ordering system. Whether you’re about to open your own coffee shop or simply want to stay ahead of the curve as an existing one, this blog post will serve as useful information. Keep reading to find out more!

How Digital Marketing Has Changed the Coffee Shop Industry

In recent years, the coffee shop industry has seen a dramatic shift towards digital marketing. With more people turning to the internet to find and purchase products and services, coffee shop owners have been quick to adapt their marketing strategies to reflect this shift. Coffee shops now have online presence through various online marketing channels, such as social media and online review sites. In fact, coffee shops are increasingly becoming online-first businesses, with many even foregoing physical locations altogether. There are a number of factors driving this shift towards digital marketing. One of the biggest factors is the growing number of coffee drinkers who use smartphones to make purchases. 78% of coffee drinkers use their smartphones to make purchases, according to Statista. This large number is likely a result of increased smartphone ownership. Coffee shops are also increasingly catering to the needs of laptop and tablet users with WiFi. Beyond the growing number of digital coffee drinkers, there are a number of additional factors driving the shift towards digital marketing.

The Importance of a Website

One of the most important aspects of any online marketing strategy is having a website. It’s the first thing people visiting your coffee shop website will see, and it will shape their entire experience with your business. Beyond your own coffee shop website, it’s also key to have a strong online presence on other platforms, such as social media. Fortunately, coffee shop owners have a number of easy and affordable website hosting options. One of the most popular and affordable website hosting options is Squarespace. With Squarespace’s simple-to-use website builder, you can create a fully functional coffee shop website in just a couple of hours. What’s more, Squarespace is one of the most affordable website hosting options on the market, with monthly hosting plans starting at just $14 per month. With Squarespace, you’ll also get access to great marketing tools like analytics, SEO, and more. For many coffee shop owners, having a website is a no-brainer. After all, it’s absolutely essential for any business owner to have a presence on the internet. However, despite the fact that having a website is arguably the most important thing a business can do online, only around 50% of small businesses have a website. These businesses are missing out on an enormous opportunity to reach more customers and increase revenue.

Digital Menu and Online Ordering System Benefits

Beyond having an online presence, another important aspect of digital marketing is an online ordering system. With an online ordering system, your customers can place orders from anywhere at any time. This can be extremely convenient for many customers, as it allows them to order their coffee at their own leisure. The best part is that an online ordering system is fairly simple to set up. There are many different options when it comes to choosing an online ordering system for your coffee shop. Some are completely cloud-based and completely free, while others are more robust and come with a paid subscription. No matter which system you choose, it’s important to make sure that it fits within your budget. You’ll also want to make sure that your system is compatible with your current point-of-sale system. Once you’ve found the right system, the benefits of having an online ordering system are numerous. For starters, you’ll likely see an increase in sales. While this may not seem significant, it can have a big impact on your bottom line. Additionally, having an online ordering system can help you reduce costs by serving as a way to reduce labour costs. Finally, an online ordering system can help you increase customer satisfaction by providing customers with more options.

Why Every Coffee Shop Should Have an Online Ordering System

In addition to the benefits listed above, having an online ordering system will allow you to reach a wider audience of customers. By offering online ordering, you’ll open your business to a much larger customer base. For example, you may be able to appeal to customers who don’t have the time to visit your shop during normal business hours. You may also be able to appeal to customers who are unable to visit your shop due to a disability, such as those who use wheelchairs. With an online ordering system, you’ll also be able to better serve customers who live in remote areas, such as those who live in the countryside. In short, you’ll be able to reach customers you never could have reached before.


Coffee shops have always been a popular destination for people looking for a quick caffeinated beverage. However, even though these shops have long been a popular choice among customers, many have failed to adapt to the needs of modern customers. Fortunately, every coffee shop owner can take advantage of the latest and most convenient technologies available to stay competitive. By investing in an online ordering system and having a website, you can provide customers with a better experience. You can also reach a wider audience of customers and increase sales.

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